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Players Youth Theatre

A vibrant, talented and award winning group

Players Youth Theatre is restarting!

We are delighted to announce that Players Youth is back as from Saturday 6th November. 

Our tutor is Neil Rowland, who has had extensive experience working with young people and leading workshops and is currently working at Xaverian College. Professionally, he has had various roles in TV dramas, in commercials and on the stage, as well as occasionally appearing on stage as part of a comedy troupe. He has enhanced DBS clearance and a DBS-cleared member of the Society will also be in attendance. The workshops will cover a number of acting skills, including vocal techniques, characterisation, improvisation and movement. 



Sessions will be on Saturday mornings from 10.00-12.00 and there will be 6 sessions before Christmas. The normal cost will be £10; however, for this half term, we are offering the first two as taster sessions free of charge, after which there will be a charge of £10.00 for each of the next four which can be paid on arrival. In future, we will be asking for a half term’s fees to be paid in advance.




Membership Subs for Players Youth (aged 12-17) which include tickets to the four main productions, are £30.00, but for those who sign up we are offering a discount of £25.00 so you can join and then have tickets for each of the remaining productions all for £5.


We can’t wait to see the brilliant productions you come up with.

To join Players Youth please complete the form at the link below and email to the membership secretary ASAP.

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