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Spotlight Drama Awards 2021

We have received various nominations for the Spotlight Drama Awards 2021 - all for our 2019-20 season. As always, we're very proud of all of our performers and technical teams. An awful lot goes in to each production so it's great for individuals to receive recognition.

Players theatre nominations:

Most Accomplished Actor - Drama/Thriller/Tragedy

Ian Wilkinson - Henry Plantagenet - The Lion in Winter

Most Accomplished Actress - Comedy/Farce

Margaret Williams - Nana - Lucky Numbers

Most Accomplished Actress - Drama/Thriller/Tragedy

Anne Wint - Helga - Kindertransport

Most Accomplished Comic Performance

Alfie Blousfield - Shane - Lucky Numbers

Most Accomplished Overall Production - Drama/Thriller/Tragedy


The Lion in Winter

Most Accomplished Supporting Actor - Drama/Thriller/Tragedy

Dan Pothecary - Geoffrey - The Lion in Winter

Matthew King - Richard - The Lion in Winter

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