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The Lion in Winter is ready to roar!

Our latest play, the Lion in Winter, starts it's run on Saturday 16th November and promises to be a fantastic show.

The Lion in Winter is a witty drama set in 12th century Britain surrounding the competition for the throne between Richard Lionheart, John and the ever unfortunate middle child, Geoffrey, while King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine play favourites. A dramatic comedy which shows even the famous royalty of history have just as many familiar family dramas as anyone.

David Ward directs a formiddable cast: Matthew James as Richard, Ian Wilkinson as Henry II and Sue Hynes as Eleanor of Aquitaine, with Dan Pothecary, Sarah Howsam, Chris Billlington & Sam Hindmarch

The cast are all geared up to go and excited for their final dress rehearsal on Friday night. Buy your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Ian Wilkinson in rehearsal as King Henry II

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