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WINNERS for the ACT Pantomime and GMDF Awards for Players Youth Theatre 2019

The following are the WINNERS for the ACT Pantomime awards for Players Youth Theatre

Most Creative Comic Portrayal Li Chow

Most Accomplished Dame Harry Bailey

Most Accomplished Evil Character Sarah Morgan

Most Accomplished Principal female character Abby Walmsley

Winner Most Creative Pantomime

What A Pantomime by Barbara Harris

GMDF Awards for Players Youth Theatre

Best actress Youth Nemone Wolfendale for her roles as Ada in Hindle Wakes and Nancy/Angela/Mother Superior in Magdelen Whitewash

A surprise nomination in the Adjudicator’s award section for The Magdelen Whitewash for "A Brave Challenging and Mature Choice that showed great and deserved trust in the future of local theatre".

The above nomination is a wonderful accolade for the whole team of Players Youth Theatre, both the youth themselves and those who work with them.

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