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Coming Back to Life

Finally, the lifting of lockdown restrictions is just a few weeks away and we are all looking forward to resuming activities in our theatre.

Plans for our exciting new season of plays are in progress and the first play, Time of My Life, by Alan Ayckbourn, has already been cast and director appointed. Rehearsals should begin in August.

In the meantime, we have identified jobs to be done in the building and planned some major refurbishments to be carried out ready for opening to the public.

We are going to smarten up the front of the stage with new main curtains as well as new curtains to the emergency doors. There are also some minor cosmetic repairs to be done to the auditorium.

Talking of repairs, the entrance way to the car park has developed some nasty potholes over winter and a complete replacement of the entrance area has been contracted for. In addition, the windows at the front of the foyer will also be replaced as the wooden framework is in a poor state: the replacement will be in the more durable PVC.

Already a small team of members has identified what is to be done in the building and work parties will be organised very soon.

We also have plans to refurbish the bar with new furniture – this hopefully in time for the first play in September.

An advertising campaign is planned with posters and posts on social media announcing that live theatre will be back at the Players in our new season. There will be a follow up of detailed information nearer the time of the first performance.

All-in-all our theatre is waking up from what seems to have been a long nightmare.

It will be so good to welcome everyone back soon.

President of Players Dramatic Society

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